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The world’s first Healthable hearing aid

Many people who could benefit from a hearing aid avoid it, fearing it signals infirmity. Starkey Hearing Technologies answers that fear with a device that does more than amplify sound and tone down background noise. Livio AI is embedded with sensors and artificial intelligence that allow it to stream music; verbally answer questions like a smart assistant; translate conversations into your language; detect falls (and alert loved ones); measure physical activity; and track how often you talk to other people during the day – useful for elderly users who can become isolated.

Since launching in 2018, “it’s our best-selling product ever,” says Achin Bhowmik, chief technology officer at Starkey, who wears the device even though he doesn’t have hearing loss. “It’s better than normal hearing.” Livio AI is available from hearing professionals.

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Customer Reviews

Scheduling appointment was not difficult all staff was kind and extremely helpful addressing all of my questions/concerns office is clean and well lite. I will refer my friends and family to visit this office if they are ever in need.

Patricia Smith, on Google

Customer service was great. Tammy at the front desk setup my appointment. Laura the Audiologist listen to my issues and was very promt to resolve them. Hearing Lab is a place that I would visit again for my hearing aid concerns. Thank you ladies for the excelent customer service.

Joe Egas, on Google

I was cheerfully welcomed into the office by Tiffany. She was very friendly and made me feel it ease. Laura, my technician, was equally friendly and very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions explain in detail clearly. A very good team.

Nello Vignocchi, on Google

Had an issue with my hearing aids and was able to get an appointment in less than 48 hours. Staff at the Tinely Hearing lab are fantastic. Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Was back to work in 45 minutes. Highly recommend this facility

michael nothhelfer, on Google

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